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PES 2016 is the best game on Pro Evolution Soccer on PlayStation 2. But from a graphical point of view, it’s a disaster.

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It is difficult to determine the genius of PES 2016. But he tried to determine the glamor is not bad, as it turns out in every little thing.

Undoubted stars are physics and AI. Konami made significant progressin both areas, to buy all duels and overall control is important, the taste is more organic and unpredictable. PES is always a strategic franchise, and now PES 2016 finally achieves the level of FIFA’s competitiveness and flexibility.

It is also important to increase the AI, which eliminates fears of deliverya ball to your teammates. You can be sure that your allies will protect you when you wait to open the door to deliver your teammates who are well positioned in a cartoon

It’s amazing to see how 22 hierarchical players combine, overlap,contradict and conflict with each other. Watching this action, you suggest working with your team as a separate unit, rather than considering them as one pair of wolves.

In PES 2016, every victory, albeit small, perceives income. You need to focus on each component of the game, and not justfor the purpose, because supervision in each element can lead to disaster. Accuracy reflexes and cold heads are the key to victory.

Perhaps this is where PES 2016 is a new open appeal: it’s a battle or a weekly challenge. Be a micro-fight can bring fame or defeat.
http://hullimakki.com/google-chrome-64-torrent/ And the best of all- No matter what happens, it’s fun, because you can not guess what will happen next.

Port for PS3?

Poor: PC version of PES 2016 – PS3 version. Honestly, we do not know why Konami has not yet tried to configure the enhanced PS4 and Xbox Oneversions. This old engine means worse and less dynamic animation.

ItNot bad, but 2016 is still full of content: Legend Mode, Master League, Master League MyClub PES is no longer just a play on the field, but also has a mini football manager mode that is almost identical to the main game. Although in terms of licenses, PES 2016 benefited from FIFA, although it still remains for EA for similarity.

Bestin the console

PES 2016 – Great. It’s strategic, unpredictable, exceptional and organic, but we recommend the PS4 and Xbox One versions if you have the opportunity to not forgive the computer graphics and stop playing 9/10, which is the price of it.


PES 2016

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