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Cooking Fever 64-Bit torrent

Cooking Fever 64-Bit torrent

Cooking Fever

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Do you like cooking games like “Sara’s cooking class”? Then you will like Culinary Fever. In this adventure, with free basic content and an additional micro-tactical campaign, you are responsible for serving customers from fast food restaurants (burgers, pizzas, tacos). This content is suitable for all audiences – everything from children to adults can play. Microsoft Excel 2016

Choose your destiny in the kitchen

in the culinary fever. You have to “survive” a wave of customers that you are after all kindsask from fast food: hamburger, soda, heat. As an officer, you must take the necessary steps to prepare each meal and each order. For example, to cook a good burger, you must put the bread on a plate, put the meat in a pan, remove it when done (wait too long and it will burn and you should throw it away!) And put it on the bread

Rhythm, your micro-management skills will be the key to culinary successBeing a fever, especially as you will miss the level of education and start to oppress many customers at the same time. Take too long and the customer leaves and does not pay. Fast, and you’ll be very happy to get a hint.

So far Cooking Fever is like a typical culinary game. What is unique about it? Two elements: the development and management of the institution.

or a level of culinary fever, you can invest your money in the best kitchen tool.Fix the pan and the meat faster. Buy more slippers and you can save more food, help with your purchases. You choose what you want to improve, solve one of the curses of this kind of game: linear development.

If you have completed several rounds, the game is you can invest money to improve the look of your restaurant. This component is more strategic than it looks: Entertain your customers with a high quality TV and they staylonger. Again, this part of the game helps you direct control culinary fever, and not the other way around!

Much patience

Culinary fever is not 100% free game, ladies and gentlemen. The name includes additional microtransactions that allow you to quickly repair or accelerate the equipment. You can end the culinary fever without paying, but often you have to repeat the level to get enough money to repair your equipment. Youneed a lot of patience.

Culinary fever has a lot of control, for which I’m grateful. More than anything I hate this game as when I lose time because the title does not recognize that I want to send the order to the client, for example.

At the aesthetic level, culinary fever is nice and even nice, no color overloading, slowing down work on older devices. Each interactive element has been designed to be easily recognizable when in the middle of a cooking scenewhat is most important.

highly recommended

The culinary fever has surprised us so much. We were expecting another culinary game and found a name that recognized the stagnant genre and needed a kind of revolution. Unlike other similar games, Cooking Fever controls your strategy and how you want to move forward. We never thought that we would discuss the strategy in the kitchen, but we are sure you do not expect this recommendationto read.


Cooking Fever

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